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    Type 4B/4C Hair Styled With Curlformers

    Getting the perfect curl on natural hair isnt an easy task. My thick curly hair could never fit on a standard roller. Luckly my type 4 hair can get beautiful, even curls when styled using curlformers. Curlformers a creation by Hair Flair were invented so you can create the perfect curl. It is the worlds only patented heat free curler. It works for all hair types, and can even be used on wigs and weaves. When applied according to the instructions, you end up with smooth curls every time. I am usually on a budget so I cant afford to go to the salon often. I have learned to style…

  • Kinky Hair Accessory Tool
    Natural Hair

    4 Kinky Curly Hair Tools To Try Now

    Having natural hair can be a lot, you need the right products and the right tools to get the job done. My kinky curly hair has been temperamental lately and I have found myself trying out different hair tools to get it styled. There are lots of great brands out there, here are a few great small businesses that make products that work on kinky hair. Snappee by SwirlyCurly SwirlyCurly was born out of founder Keziah Dhamma’s frustration at the lack of quality hair products for women with naturally curly hair like hers. She created their first product, the Snappee™ Hair Tie because regular hair ties pulled her hair out.…

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    The Black Travel Box, TSA Friendly For WOC

    I had a very #hotgirlsummer and traveled my heart out all summer long. I discovered the Black Travel Box when searching for natural hair products that were TSA friendly. I was sent a few items by The Black Travel Box to try out during my travels and give my honest review. Traveling brings me joy, but the part that stresses me the most is figuring out how to get my personal care products packed. The TSA rules only allow for no more than 3 ounce containers of liquids to fill in a quart sized bag. In addition to that, full sized items can make your luggage overweight and are hard…

  • How To Grow Natural Hair
    Natural Hair

    How To Grow Natural Hair

    It has taken me time, but I finally know how to grow natural hair. I big chopped and started growing my natural hair 8 years ago (wow time flies!). At regular intervals I take a step back to see if my type 4B-4C hair is growing. Monitoring your natural hair growth is helpful in stopping a hair issue or detecting a health condition. Not long ago, I believed that I was taking great care of my hair. One day, I caught up with a friend, who in two years went from a small afro to shoulder length hair! I had went natural before her, and my hair barely reached my…

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    Jane Carter Curls To Go Review On 4b Hair

    Jane Carter Curls to Go is on of my go to lines to style my natural hair. I was sent the products to try out and agreed to give an honest 4B hair review. Jane Carter’s Curls to Go line is specially made with kinky, coily hair in mind. The Curls to Go products are enriched with ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, argan and coconut oils to keep hair moisturized and frizz free. Over almost a month I tried out the full product line in various ways. The entire Curls To Go line consists of: Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash, Untangle Me Weightless Leave-in, Shine On Curl Elixir, Mist Me…