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    Five Ways To Celebrate An Anniversary During Quarantine

    Covid-19, Coronavirus, The Rona, Wuhan Virus. But what happens when you have an anniversary during quarantine? Whatever you chose to title this epidemic, for a majority of people around the world quarantine is the new normal. My husband and I have our wedding anniversary coming up in a few days. We will have find a way to celebrate. Here’s a few ideas we came up with: Romantic Date Night At Home Even though I’m pregnant we wont let that get in the way of a night of romance. What each couple deems romantic can vary, but the standard methods usually work. Turn off the lights, and place candles around the…

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    My Pregnancy During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    It’s Easter Sunday and on a day in which I’m usually surrounded by family and friends I am isolated. When I found out I was pregnant I pictured myself dressed in my Easter finest, showing off my baby bump. A Cornoavirus pregnancy is not what I had in mind. My pregnancy during the Coronavirus outbreak has been the complete opposite. I feel isolated, disappointed and scared as hell. Here’s how the Coronavirus has changed what’s its like to be pregnant. Going To The Doctor Can Make Me Sick I’m afraid to end up with a Coronavirus pregnancy. I must mention that I live in New York City, where the rate…