• how to budget for a wedding

    In 5 Steps, How To Make A Wedding Budget

    Weddings at first bring to mind positive images of brides, grooms, cake and champagne. Those festive thoughts turn cold when you begin to calculate for your wedding budget. Here are 5 steps to make a wedding budget less painful. See How Much Money You Have This is the most important step of course and the amount of money will in many ways control what kind of wedding you can have. Your money sources will be: Savings between you and your fiance Extra money that you can get from working extra hours, cutting expenses, etc. Money from family. Just note that no one is required to pay for your wedding. It…

  • Lifestyle

    What To Do When You’re Broke

    What to do when you’re broke. Are those numbers in your bank account not getting you anywhere? Here are 5 things to do when you’re broke. Money is everything whether people admit it to themselves or not.  I personally have been financially broke since my teenage years and the levels of how broke I was have varied all the way into my current adulting life. I’m not nearly out the woods yet, but I’m blessed to no longer fear if I would be able to afford to eat or pay this NYC rent. Try these five things ASAP once you determine that you’re broke. 1.Stop spending immediately. You’d be surprised at…

  • How to Slay the Superbowl Party

    How to Slay the Superbowl Party

    It’s Superbowl season, that wonderful time after the holidays and right before winters end. What’s a woman(or man) to do when that Superbowl party invite comes? Whether you are looking to snag a new bae or just want to be chill, here’s a few tips on how to slay the Superbowl party. 1) Decide if you want to go. Let’s be real sometimes when adulting it takes too much energy to leave the house. You’d have to get off the couch, shower, put on pants etc. 2) Pick an outfit. If you care about fashion the Superbowl party ‘fit is tricky. You want to look cool and casual but don’t…