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    Spring Clean Makeup in 3 Steps

    Spring is here and you have probably cleaned everything, but there is one category you may have overlooked. How about having Spring clean makeup? Here are 3 steps to Spring clean your makeup collection. Whether you have just a few items, or several containers full you’re going to want to try these steps to get your makeup in order. Lay everything Out I’m going to be honest and say I do have a lot of makeup. I may not have a makeup collection like the top YouTube beauty vloggers, but as a blogger who covers beauty I have enough to fill up a few containers. On top of a table,…

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    Facials, Wink Brow Bar

    Facials at Wink Brow Bar have to be one of the best facials in NYC. I was asked to come in to try their new facial services, and at first I was a little hesitant. I have gotten several facials over the last couple of years and while most of the facial sessions were good, some were too harsh for my Black skin. However, the facial I got from Wink Brow Bar is honestly one of my best experiences. I arrived and met with Zara Mohsin, Visiting skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar. I was immediately put at ease by her warm personality. I went into the room used for…

  • Spring Fashion with Vionic

    Spring Fashion with Vionic Shoes

    I was invited to Lord & Taylor to an evening of Secrets to Spring Style with Vionic, hosted by ELLE Magazine & blogger Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. Spring is around the corner so Spring fashion styles are everything right now. I picked up some great tips to use for this coming Spring season. The evening featured an exclusive Q&A with Julia Engel and ELLE magazine editors.  They revealed how to incorporate the most coveted Spring fashion secrets into your everyday routine. There was also a preview of the Vionic Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Here is what I learned. Dresses are Everything It may seem like a basic clothing item, or something to keep…

  • My Eyebrow Threading Experience, Wink Brow Bar

    Eyebrow Threading, My Wink Brow Bar Experience

    My Wink Brow Bar experience just happened and it was right on time. My eyebrows and I have had a complicated relationship when it comes to eyebrow threading. For years it would grow crazy fast and in different directions, but now we are in a good place. It took a while to get here though. Years ago, after what seemed like ages of grooming my brows, it finally began to grow in one direction like normal eyebrows. Initially tweezing them was my thing; it took time and didn’t last long but I couldn’t afford anything else. Later, threading took the beauty industry by storm. For about $7, I could have…

  • Why I Want to Get Fit. www.smartsagittarius.com
    Diet & Fitness

    Why I Want to Get Fit

    Why I want to get fit is something I realized I needed to consider. Sometime in 2017  I decided that I was “fat” and needed to drop 20 pounds.  I wanted to get back the body I had in my early twenties. Then I realized I was being unrealistic about why I want to get fit. In my early twenties I had a young metabolism on my side and I had a highly active lifestyle. I was out more, involved in sports and  I would burn off calories from dancing with my friends in the club every night. Seriously, I would be dancing like a maniac for about 4 hours straight…

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    What To Do When You’re Broke

    What to do when you’re broke. Are those numbers in your bank account not getting you anywhere? Here are 5 things to do when you’re broke. Money is everything whether people admit it to themselves or not.  I personally have been financially broke since my teenage years and the levels of how broke I was have varied all the way into my current adulting life. I’m not nearly out the woods yet, but I’m blessed to no longer fear if I would be able to afford to eat or pay this NYC rent. Try these five things ASAP once you determine that you’re broke. 1.Stop spending immediately. You’d be surprised at…

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    Superbowl Makeup

    It’s Superbowl season you’ve got an invite and have read my tips on how to slay a Superbowl party. You have picked out your outfit, but what about your makeup? If you are like me and wear makeup nearly every day, you may be wondering what kind of Superbowl makeup look fits for a Superbowl party. I’m going to a Superbowl party this weekend and had the urge to do a full face, eyelashes and a smokey eye… then I snapped out of it. Superbowl party makeup shouldn’t be complicated, its either no makeup, natural makeup or something fun. Being a Smart Sagittarius I went for fun and football inspired…

  • How to Slay the Superbowl Party

    How to Slay the Superbowl Party

    It’s Superbowl season, that wonderful time after the holidays and right before winters end. What’s a woman(or man) to do when that Superbowl party invite comes? Whether you are looking to snag a new bae or just want to be chill, here’s a few tips on how to slay the Superbowl party. 1) Decide if you want to go. Let’s be real sometimes when adulting it takes too much energy to leave the house. You’d have to get off the couch, shower, put on pants etc. 2) Pick an outfit. If you care about fashion the Superbowl party ‘fit is tricky. You want to look cool and casual but don’t…

  • From Type 4 Naturals to Smart Sagittarius

    From Type 4 Naturals to Smart Sagittarius

    Hello is this thing on? From Type 4 Naturals to Smart Sagittarius. My my Korynthia you’ve come a long way and there is still so much more to write! For those of you who may or may not know I used to be the one with the 4b natural hair and part of the NYC blogging trio the Type 4 Naturals, we each represented the 4a, 4b and 4c natural hair type. We formed in 2013 and after many great years, decided to part ways to deal with our personal lives and to pursue our own endeavors. I encourage you to follow each of us, and a special thank you…