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    I Tried A Grove Collaborative Subscription, Here’s What Happened

    Lately I have been trying to figure out what cleaning products will work best at home. Grove Collaborative got my attention with their latest promotion which included a free Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit with purchase. Is a Grove Collaborative subscription for you? Founded by a group of friends in San Franciso, Grove Collaborative was created to make it easier to find healthier home essentials. The customer gets a customizable service that delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products. Every product they sell is backed by the “Grove standard”, which means it should be affordable, eco-friendly and effective for your cleaning needs. Honestly, I am very cautious when it comes…

  • how to budget for a wedding

    In 5 Steps, How To Make A Wedding Budget

    Weddings at first bring to mind positive images of brides, grooms, cake and champagne. Those festive thoughts turn cold when you begin to calculate for your wedding budget. Here are 5 steps to make a wedding budget less painful. See How Much Money You Have This is the most important step of course and the amount of money will in many ways control what kind of wedding you can have. Your money sources will be: Savings between you and your fiance Extra money that you can get from working extra hours, cutting expenses, etc. Money from family. Just note that no one is required to pay for your wedding. It…

  • Attending The New York Auto Show While Female

    Attending The New York Auto Show While Woman

    I have been in love with cars since I was a baby, I remember being excited to just play with the steering wheel. I would later attend car shows regularly and I try to go every year. Many of my friends would ask me if the New York Auto Show is for women to attend too. It can’t really be that different than a man’s experience or can it? The Environment Is Super Intimidating The New York International Auto Show is held at the Jacob Javitz convention center in Manhattan. It is a large structure right off the Hudson River that dominates blocks of real estate in terms of square…

  • Spring Easter Outfit

    Spring Easter Outfit Ideas To Wear Now

    Spring is here. Easter is coming. Whether you celebrate it or not there’s Easter clothes you want wear now and probably until the weather gets cold again. Try these colors, textures and layers this spring and beyond to be on point with the latest trends. Yellow Yellow Yellow is on trend this spring and I personally see it extending past the summer. Add simple touches like a yellow sweater, yellow accessories or footwear. If you want a bolder look try a head to toe or color-block outfit like the one below. The Classic Pastels If you don’t want to get into the yellow trend you can keep to the standard…

  • Simple Easter Makeup

    A Simple Easter Makeup Look

    Easter is a big time of the year. If you partake in Easter festivities you may want a makeup look to match. Here is how I nail a simple Easter makeup look every year. Wash And Hydrate The Skin I like to start my makeup on a clean canvas. If you’re short on time or just quickly changing your look skip the cleanser and use a hydrating makeup wipe. After the skin is clean tone and moisturize. Apply The Right Primer If you have oily skin you may want an silicone or water based primer. For sensitive, combination or normal skin a water based or mineral based primer would work…

  • Becoming Michelle Obama Is It Worth A Read

    Michelle Obama “Becoming”, is it worth a read?

    Becoming is a biography authored by former First Lady Michelle Obama. This book release was highly anticipated. I was among the first in line to buy a copy at my local Barnes and Nobel bookstore. Becoming is a solid read, although not what I expected. Read on for my very honest book review of Becoming. The first part of the book is simply named “Becoming Me”.  In this section we get Michelle’s honest telling of her childhood to womanhood years.  Unlike others who just wanted to read Becoming to see how she snagged Barack. I actually wanted to read her backstory to get to know why Michelle Obama is so…

  • Wedding Planning

    The Main Wedding Planning Checklist

    Wedding bells are in the air lately or is it something in the water? Whether you or someone else are now part of the wedding craze, being prepared is everything. Read on to learn how to formulate your main checklist to get your wedding planning going. The wedding checklist is prioritized and should be followed step by step. Keep in mind each main task may give you smaller steps, so don’t worry. I also recommend you find a reliable place to write your wedding checklist. 1.Decide How Much You’re Willing To Spend Many don’t realize it, but weddings are expensive. The mere mention of the word “wedding” to a vendor…

  • how to pick a wedding venue

    How To Pick A Wedding Venue

    First, a wedding is a beautiful thing but picking a wedding venue can be a crazy experience. Do you pick something modern or classic? Do you want a wild party or something simple? Read on for tips on how to pick a wedding venue. Believe me, I learned how to pick a wedding venue after a bit of research, and trying things out. Wedding planning isn’t easy but it is something I have come to master after doing it myself. After a ton of trial and error, I learned how to pick a wedding venue. We not only managed to find a place that met my Fiance and I requirements,…

  • How To Grow Natural Hair
    Natural Hair

    How To Grow Natural Hair

    It has taken me time, but I finally know how to grow natural hair. I big chopped and started growing my natural hair 8 years ago (wow time flies!). At regular intervals I take a step back to see if my type 4B-4C hair is growing. Monitoring your natural hair growth is helpful in stopping a hair issue or detecting a health condition. Not long ago, I believed that I was taking great care of my hair. One day, I caught up with a friend, who in two years went from a small afro to shoulder length hair! I had went natural before her, and my hair barely reached my…

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    Single For Valentine’s Day? Here’s How To Win.

    Valentine’s Day is upon us and there is no stopping it. Certain holidays are stressful, but there is something about Valentine’s Day that makes you feel inhuman for being alone that day. Are you single for Valentine’s Day? Here’s how to win. Find Comfort Amongst Friends If you are a single lady then a Galentine could be perfect for you. A Galentine is just one(or a few) of your close girlfriends who you go out with on that day. It’s practically like a regular get togehter or brunch, but gives you companionship and support on an emotionally challengening day. Guys, you can do the same with your bros. Grab your…