• Nanobebe Bottle Review

    Nanobebe Bottle Review, Does baby like it?

    As I write this I’m a new mom and trying to figure out what my newborn likes and dislikes. I was offered this sponsored opportunity to try out a Nanobebe bottle in exchange for my review and was super excited. In this Nanobebe bottle review, I will go over what makes a Nanobebe bottle so unique. The Nanobebe team starting in the feeding industry way back in 2006. The founders of BornFree, the first BPA-free baby bottles. Now with this bottle they came together with a team of engineers, lactation consultants and pediatricians on a mission to create a bottle to preserve breastmilk nutrients. The great thing is the bottle…

  • pregnant woman lying on green grass fields

    Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas To Try Now

    Pregnancy comes with a lot of fun activities and a lot of things to plan. Coming up with pregnancy photoshoot ideas was one of the most nerve wracking moments for me. A maternity photoshoot can be anything you want it to be really, but it’s hard to figure it out especially if you’re comparing yourself to what the celebrities do. Here are a few tips to get you started and my ideas for some great picture sessions. Whats the weather in your area? The weather in your area will play a big role in taking photos. For instance, if you live somewhere that’s gloomy and rainy, you may want to…

  • pregnancy during coronavirus

    My Pregnancy During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    It’s Easter Sunday and on a day in which I’m usually surrounded by family and friends I am isolated. When I found out I was pregnant I pictured myself dressed in my Easter finest, showing off my baby bump. A Cornoavirus pregnancy is not what I had in mind. My pregnancy during the Coronavirus outbreak has been the complete opposite. I feel isolated, disappointed and scared as hell. Here’s how the Coronavirus has changed what’s its like to be pregnant. Going To The Doctor Can Make Me Sick I’m afraid to end up with a Coronavirus pregnancy. I must mention that I live in New York City, where the rate…