Who Is Smart Sagittarius?

About Smart Sagittarius

You’ve seen the blog posts and the social media feeds. But, who is Smart Sagittarius?

Smart Sagittarius is a lifestyle blog highlighting the pains and pleasures of adulting. Adulting is scary as hell. What do you do with your life when the training wheels come off? How does one manage to maintain a social life, fit body, stay hydrated, get 8 hours of sleep and be employee of the month…all at the same time? That’s what Smart Sagittarius is trying to figure out.

Smart Sagittarius is written by Korynthia Destouche, whose blogging and writing work you may have seen on other websites and publications. She has been blogging and writing for over seven years and has created this blog to share her experiences. Smart Sagittarius is based in NYC and covers diet & fitness, beauty, adulting tips, natural hair, wedding planning and other topics.

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