Nanobebe Bottle Review

Nanobebe Bottle Review, Does baby like it?

As I write this I’m a new mom and trying to figure out what my newborn likes and dislikes. I was offered this sponsored opportunity to try out a Nanobebe bottle in exchange for my review and was super excited. In this Nanobebe bottle review, I will go over what makes a Nanobebe bottle so unique.

The Nanobebe team starting in the feeding industry way back in 2006. The founders of BornFree, the first BPA-free baby bottles. Now with this bottle they came together with a team of engineers, lactation consultants and pediatricians on a mission to create a bottle to preserve breastmilk nutrients. The great thing is the bottle works well with not just breastmilk, but formula too.

Nanobebe bottles have a patented design which improves the entire process of bottle feeding .  From pumping, storing, warming to feeding, the nanobebe bottle preserves nutritional value by allowing the bottle to cool and warm quickly and evenly. This bottle also comes with all the necessities to feed your baby with ease like:

  • Comes with an adapter to fit pumps
  • Easier to combine breast and bottle feeding with no confusion for baby
  • Anti colic venting system
  • Bottle comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Preemie nipple sizes and transition bottles are available
  • Baby can learn to self feed sooner, bottle is easy for them to hold
But does baby like the Nanobebe bottle?

I’ve tried several kinds of bottles to see what would best for my lifestyle and what baby would tolerate. I really liked the Nanobebe bottle because it’s super easy to use and fits in my small apartment living. I could pump right into the bottle and feed it to baby or use their included storing cap and refrigerate it for later. Heating is super fast and the the feeding went well, I didn’t get a lot of bubbles flowing out for baby to swallow. Also with the bottle shape it mimics the natural anatomy of a breast, so my husband or any other caregiver can feed the baby (giving me a chance to take a break). The bottle parts seperate for easy cleaning, and they stack for easy storage!

Lots of pros, but are there any cons to the Nanobebe bottle?

The cons here are that it works easiest for breastfeeding. It’s key design is that you can pump, feed, heat and store right with the bottle. It can work well with formula but an extra step is needed because you would have to mix the formula separately and then pour it into the bottle. Also the bottle shape is not a standard shape or size, there is just a little difficulty using these bottles in things such as diaper bags, bottle bags, bottle warmers and bottle sterilizers. This issue also extends to when I leave the baby with a caregiver, if I don’t bring my Nanobebe accessories they will have to manually heat and sterilize the bottles. To me these are minor issues because Nanobebe sells great accessories which are also affordable and are easy to travel with.

I would recommend not only the Nanobebe bottle, but their accessories and other baby items. Their products are really designed with mom and baby in mind. I also like their customer service communications which have been friendly. To learn more about Nanobebe check out their answers to common questions here.

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