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Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas To Try Now

Pregnancy comes with a lot of fun activities and a lot of things to plan. Coming up with pregnancy photoshoot ideas was one of the most nerve wracking moments for me. A maternity photoshoot can be anything you want it to be really, but it’s hard to figure it out especially if you’re comparing yourself to what the celebrities do. Here are a few tips to get you started and my ideas for some great picture sessions.

Whats the weather in your area?

The weather in your area will play a big role in taking photos. For instance, if you live somewhere that’s gloomy and rainy, you may want to do an indoor photo shoot. If you live somewhere that experiences seasons then depending on your due date you may have to schedule a photoshoot at a time when it’s not too hot or cold.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

Indoor photoshoots are underrated in my opinion. Indoors you don’t have to worry about rain, bad light, allergies, bugs, pedestrians, etc. Indoors your photographer can set the perfect lighting and even change up your background. Your hair wont go flat due to wind or humidity and makeup will stay put. Outdoors is great if you have a particular landmark that you want as your background; or if you just really want a shot with nature as your backdrop.

What will will reflect your personality?

You want a pregnancy photoshoot that will reflect the real you, the same goes for your partner if they will be participating. This isn’t the time to go outside your comfort zone, because it will show in your pictures. Think about your lifestyle and hobbies and pick something that brings you joy.

Heres some Pregnancy Photoshoot ideas to get you started:

-Have you and your partner done an engagement shoot? You can revisit the same area/vibe and continue to tell the story, but now add in that baby is on the way. The classic love, marriage, baby carriage story.

-Want to be different? Why not take things from above ground to underwater.

-Use your city. Every city has its own unique style and standout architecture. It can be anything from a vacant lot, barn or a famous park. You can travel around locally with your photographer and get some great shots.

-Change up the standard outside in a grassy field maternity photos. First let me say there is nothing wrong with this kind of picture. Mostly everyone chooses these, but if you want to be a little different you can do things like add animals like horses or dogs or instead of the pictures in full sunlight try them at sunset.

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