Five Ways To Celebrate An Anniversary During Quarantine

Covid-19, Coronavirus, The Rona, Wuhan Virus. But what happens when you have an anniversary during quarantine? Whatever you chose to title this epidemic, for a majority of people around the world quarantine is the new normal. My husband and I have our wedding anniversary coming up in a few days. We will have find a way to celebrate. Here’s a few ideas we came up with:

Romantic Date Night At Home

Even though I’m pregnant we wont let that get in the way of a night of romance. What each couple deems romantic can vary, but the standard methods usually work. Turn off the lights, and place candles around the dining table. Prepare a fancy meal together or have it ordered ahead and pick it up. Add in some fancy drinks, champagne, wine and you’re all set.

anniversary during quarantine dinner
Photo: Recipes From Italy
Virtual Vacation

Thanks to technology you can go anywhere. Choose anywhere in the world and then you can go on YouTube for example and get full tours of an island, walkthroughs of the hottest resorts and full views of all the beautiful destinations at sea. You can even visit places far and wide like The Vatican Museum or Atlanta zoo, many now have posted their own virutual tours and experiences.

Anniversary during quarantine can be fun and memorable, don’t give up.

Go Camping or Site Seeing

If you have a backyard that is big enough you can explore the world outside. Put up a tent, pull out your camping gear and tell your best jokes and stories over s’mores. Grill up some dinner outside or pack meals into a cooler. If you’re in a cramped city like me, a backyard doesn’t exist. So hop into your car, walk or bike to a destination and do some site seeing of historical sites, nature destinations, etc.

camping anniversary during quarantine
Play Some Games

Card games and board games aren’t just for kids. There can be fun in playing nostalgic childhood games like Hide ‘n’ Seek, Battleship, Uno, Monopoly, and others. If you have a video game system there are even more possibilities. A tablet can host gaming apps also.

game night for anniversary during quarantine
Get Kinky

Speaking of games there is nothing wrong with making them adult rated and steamy. Play games like foreplay wheel of fortune, bring out the blindfolds, or whatever other toys you’ve been curious to try sexually with your partner.

Have kids at home? No problem.

If you don’t want to wait until they are asleep to start your fun, why not get them involved by giving them a role. They can be the bouncers at the club, the hostess that escorts you to the table or an announcer at an event.

No one could have ever imagined celebrating a milestone under these circumstances. My husband and I decided on a combination of all the above to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Quarantine has flipped everyday life upside down and who knows when it will get back to some sort of normal. The good thing is that we have each other so the possibilities are endless.

How will, or how did you celebrate your milestones during Coronavirus quarantine?

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