Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Halloween is coming and I’m elated. One of my favorite characters Harley Quinn had her look revamped and it is shown in real time in the 2016 Suicide Squad movie. Here’s how I recreated the Harley Quinn makeup look in 5 easy steps:


Define Brows

Use a pencil or wax/gel and fill in or shape brows to your desired shape/fullness.

Apply Foundation

Eyebrows filled in and foundation on

Use whatever brand works for you, as long as it gives you a matte, medium to full coverage.

Apply shadow

Red on the right eye, blue on the left eye. Blend well, smudge it out around the edges and downward from bottom of the eye to make it look messy like Harley’s, then add eyeliner. I applied the shadows on the wrong sides by mistake but I just went with it.

Draw the face tattoos and line eyes

A heart on upper right cheek. Then the word “Rotten” on the lower right jaw. (I applied the shadows on wrong side, so I put the face tattoos on the opposite side to match up.) I lined my eyes with liquid liner.

Apply mascara,add lashes(optional) and then red lipstick

All done!!

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup, finished look


  • Primer is helpful in getting foundation and shadow to stay put, but not required. If you don’t have any on hand don’t sweat it.
  • If your eyeshadow is a loose powder texture apply it right after you define your brows so you won’t stain your foundation from the fall out.
  • Contouring isn’t required but will bring more definition to your face. Apply contour cream/powder after foundation.
  • If you have an uneasy hand sketch the face tattoos in pencil then fill in with liquid liner.
  • Add false lashes to make your eyes pop more.

Products to check out for this look:

  • Benefit Brows Goof Proof Brow Pencil
  • Shisiedo SyncroSkin foundation
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Hourglass Primer
  • Urban Decay eye primer
  • NARS concealer
  • Stila Stay All Day liquid liner
  • M.A.C Pro Eyeshadow

If you try out this Harley Quinn Halloween makeup look, be sure to tag me on instagram so I can see it! Enjoy.

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    • Smart Sagittarius

      I saw the movie too and I enjoyed it. I think it was good compared to other underwhelming DC movies. I like Harley Quinn a little more in Birds Of Prey because you got yo see more of her skills. She wasn’t overshadowed by the Joker.

      Do you think they will make a sequel?

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