type 4 hair in curlformers
Natural Hair

Type 4B/4C Hair Styled With Curlformers

Getting the perfect curl on natural hair isnt an easy task. My thick curly hair could never fit on a standard roller. Luckly my type 4 hair can get beautiful, even curls when styled using curlformers.

Curlformers a creation by Hair Flair were invented so you can create the perfect curl. It is the worlds only patented heat free curler. It works for all hair types, and can even be used on wigs and weaves. When applied according to the instructions, you end up with smooth curls every time.

I am usually on a budget so I cant afford to go to the salon often. I have learned to style my hair at home, everything from coloring to trims, but styling remains the harderst. Curlformers make things easier for me, here is how I styled my type 4 hair with curlformers.

To give my natural hair a clean slate I washed and deep conditioned it. I then sectioned my hair off into four parts. Its best to style on damp hair to get the best curl. Each section was detangled. To save time I took each piece to curl and put it in a twist. Once I had the twists ready all over my hair I inserted each into the curl former.

The colors of the curlformers vary, one curls in the other direction.
type 4 hair in curlformers
Each twist is in a curlformer

Once the hair is in the curlformers you can air dry, or sit under a hooded dryer. It was late when I finished so I just went to sleep. They are not comfortable to sleep in, but this is not my first time sleeping in a complicated hairstyle so I know how to get around it.

In the morning I took the curlformers out, I wasnt going anywhere until later so I pincurled each curl to my head. Once I was ready to go out, I did my makeup added a little oil to my hands and took down each curl.

Curlformers taken down and in pincurls.
pin curls until I take the curls down

Having type 4 hair can be hard especially because I dont like to use a lot of heat. Curlformers allow me to get some curls and not damage my hair. The below style lasted me for a whole week. As the curls wore out during the week I just worked with it and styled my hair around it.

Me after the curlformers and makeup application.

Curlformers come in many styles now, you can get barrel curls, spiral curls and more. Check them out and see if its a styling option that can work for you. If you need more hair styling tool suggestions check out my latest post here.

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