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The Black Travel Box, TSA Friendly For WOC

I had a very #hotgirlsummer and traveled my heart out all summer long. I discovered the Black Travel Box when searching for natural hair products that were TSA friendly. I was sent a few items by The Black Travel Box to try out during my travels and give my honest review.

Traveling brings me joy, but the part that stresses me the most is figuring out how to get my personal care products packed. The TSA rules only allow for no more than 3 ounce containers of liquids to fill in a quart sized bag. In addition to that, full sized items can make your luggage overweight and are hard to pack securely.

There is also a problem I have with the travel section in the stores. The products offered are generic shampoos, lotions and styling products. I have kinky curly type 4 hair that needs special care. The standard all in one shampoo and super hold pomade in the travel section isn’t enough. In my regular hair regimen I use oil, shampoo, conditioner, and other assorted styling products. Being on the go with my natural hair is always a chore. I feel its even harder because I  have to find enough containers to bring all the products I need.

This is where Black Travel Box came to my rescue. Not only do they have all the products that a woman of color would need, but each one is TSA friendly.

I received a lip balm and a body balm. The lip balm kept my lips smooth and moisturized on the plane, in the sun and on the beach. The body balm smelled great and had my skin glowing in the sun. The body balm has some good ingredients like shea butter and jojoba, the fragrance was a bit strong for me, but it was a good quality. In a pinch I realized that I forgot to pack a hair styling product, the body balm actually worked on my hair too. Win!

The Black Travel Box Review

I enjoyed using The Black Travel Box items and am grateful there is a brand out here making traveling while Black a little easier. The products cover everything from shampoos to body creams and are very useful. I even discovered some Black Travel Box items could be used in multiple ways. There is an option to buy items individually or you can get a starter box that fits your needs. Cost is about $32 for a box, individual products are affordably priced.

The Black Travel Box was founded by Orion Brown to give women of color a brand they could rely on to provide the right products for their personal care needs. Their brand also encourages people of color to travel the world and expand their horizons. Learn more about The Black Travel Box here.

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