Attending The New York Auto Show While Female

Attending The New York Auto Show While Woman

I have been in love with cars since I was a baby, I remember being excited to just play with the steering wheel. I would later attend car shows regularly and I try to go every year. Many of my friends would ask me if the New York Auto Show is for women to attend too. It can’t really be that different than a man’s experience or can it?

The Environment Is Super Intimidating

The New York International Auto Show is held at the Jacob Javitz convention center in Manhattan. It is a large structure right off the Hudson River that dominates blocks of real estate in terms of square footage. It can fit thousands of people, and you don’t realize how big it is until you go inside.

Once on the show floor your senses will be overloaded.

The environment is full of lights, colors, sounds, cars and a ton of people. It is intimidating at first, but once you take everything in it gets easier.

There Are Mainly Men In Attendance

I have been attending the International Auto show for years now in New York. I have observed that the attendees are mainly men. However, as the car show grows I have seen a noticeable amount of women attending. Visiting at different days and times I have seen everything from families, elderly and young groups and people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds.

Society Says Cars Are For Men

Years ago society was very set on the roles and activities men and women were allowed to function in. In present day women are present even in areas such as racing and cars. Women are in the pit crew, becoming mechanics and even becoming a NASCAR champions like Danica Patrick.

The Auto Show Doesn’t Discriminate

If you still don’t want to believe that the auto show isn’t just for Men only, that may change once you see who represents the brands.

Many times the leading expert on the hottest new vehicle that presents to the public is a woman.

In addition many other women working the auto show floor have full working knowledge of cars. The Men working there assume nothing of the women who attend, and will gladly answer your questions and not try to sell you on the latest mini van vs a sports car.

Exceptions always exist, and I have experienced a few instances of rudeness. I have felt slighted in the past by a male attendee or brand representative for being a woman. But that’s just life, not everyone is willing to be fair or open-minded.

The car show is a great experience and there is something for all. Seriously, single, family, man, woman or something in between they have everything from old school muscle cars to futuristic smart cars. Attending The New York Auto Show While Female is harmless and a safe space to be a part of auto culture.

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