Simple Easter Makeup

A Simple Easter Makeup Look

Easter is a big time of the year. If you partake in Easter festivities you may want a makeup look to match. Here is how I nail a simple Easter makeup look every year.

Wash And Hydrate The Skin

I like to start my makeup on a clean canvas. If you’re short on time or just quickly changing your look skip the cleanser and use a hydrating makeup wipe. After the skin is clean tone and moisturize.

Apply The Right Primer

If you have oily skin you may want an silicone or water based primer. For sensitive, combination or normal skin a water based or mineral based primer would work well.

Here are the top rated primers.

Eye Or Lip?

It’s best to pick a focus on either the eyes or the lips.

That way your overall makeup look won’t be over the top. In this look I choose eyes. Whether you choose lip or eye pick a color that gives you an Easter vibe like the pastel pinks, greens and yellow. (Curious in how to wear more Yellow? Click here for my full breakdown.) If you’re not doing an eye look then do the lips after all these other steps are done.

Add Foundation

After the primer dries I go in with a foundation that meets my current needs. My skin needs change from week to week and season to season. In the spring I use foundations that won’t dry my skin out, but can still mattify. Right now I’m using Nars Luminous Foundation and it seems to work for many of my friends as well.

My other picks for normal, combination, or oily skin.

Concealer or No Concealer?

Concealer has a ton of different uses. There are also many great brands and shades to pick from. I added a little concealer to brighten my under eye area and highlight areas of my face. Blend it in good. It’s optional to “bake” it by leaving a light coating of powder on it and then dust it off. Right now I like Too Faced Multi Use Sculpting concealer.

Remember The Brows

Bold brows are my favorite and currently trending.

You should choose the brow look that fits you best, if in doubt go for a natural look by just filling your brows in. To easily get your brows filled I like to use either the Anastasia dip brow pomade or urban decay precisely my brow.

Add lashes

An optional step if you have the time. False lashes can elevate any look. Pick a pair that you’re comfortable with.  If your starting out or want options check out the On Pointe Lash Kit.

Set It

My skin is temperamental. I envy those who can wear a foundation alone and it lasts all day. If you’re not one of those then after your foundation dries apply a setting powder.

To make simple Easter makeup look even more wear proof and last longer apply a setting spray.

My favorite makeup setting sprays.

Be sure to check my Instagram page to see my makeup look for Easter, it’s sure to be simple, cute and won’t take all day. With my makeup and Easter outfit all picked out I’m so ready to go out and enjoy the holiday.

What are your plans for Easter this year?

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