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The Main Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding bells are in the air lately or is it something in the water? Whether you or someone else are now part of the wedding craze, being prepared is everything. Read on to learn how to formulate your main checklist to get your wedding planning going.

The wedding checklist is prioritized and should be followed step by step.

Keep in mind each main task may give you smaller steps, so don’t worry. I also recommend you find a reliable place to write your wedding checklist.

1.Decide How Much You’re Willing To Spend

Many don’t realize it, but weddings are expensive. The mere mention of the word “wedding” to a vendor seemed to add an extra $1000 to any service I wanted for my wedding. Seriously. Having a defined number of how much you can spend on a wedding will determine what kind of wedding you will have.

2. Ask For Help

Millennial’s get a bad wrap for being attached to their parents pockets and I can assure you the majority of us aren’t like that. My fiance and I both come from a very modest beginnings and my fiance and I couldn’t bear to burden our family. We worked lots of overtime, made cuts, and sacrificed to get the money up. Ultimately we asked family to help if they were able even if it wasn’t financial. The ones that were willing to step up even in the smallest ways made wedding planning easier on us.

3. Pick A Wedding Date

Now that you know how much money you have and who will be helping out you can move on. Picking a wedding date is also hard, but if you and your fiance work together and check the availability of friends and family, you should be able to get a range of dates. Take all the dates you come up with, double check them and write them down.

4. Pick A Venue

There are many out there in the wedding industry who say that you should pick a venue first. I thought the same at first and then I quickly discovered that wasn’t necessary. Knowing how much money you have to spend and a range of dates will determine the venues you can afford. A range of wedding dates is helpful too, some of the more popular venues book months ahead of time. In addition, some dates may be cheaper than others.

5.Update Wedding Budget And Find Vendors

Once you know how much your chosen venue will be charging be sure to update your spreadsheet. If your wedding venue provides everything for you like flowers and food then you’re good to go. If not you will have to hire a vendor to do those things for you. Remember when I told you this main list will branch out to more tasks? Luckily, in another post I tell you how to pick a wedding venue.

6. Don’t Forget About Save-The-Dates And Wedding Invitations

My fiance and I got so caught up in the bigger parts of wedding planning that we forgot about other things. Depending on when your wedding date is you will have to send out a save the date and wedding invitation at a set time. Determine when is best to send those out and allow time for it to reach your guests.

7. Keep Communicating

As your wedding date approaches and you keep adding task to your lists there will be a lot to follow up on. It is best to keep everyone in the loop. Keep the family, wedding party, vendors, venue updated. A drop in communication could lead to problems down the line, or your special day not getting the attention it needs.

8. Set Reminders, Make A Timeline Or Both

There will be a lot happening at once as you plan your wedding. It is best to set reminders and/or have a timeline in place to keep you on track. I personally recommend reminders to do tasks that need to be done asap. A wedding timeline helped me more as an overall look at where I stand. Do what works for you.

Planning a wedding requires a lot of steps. I had no idea how many until I had to sit down and plan my own wedding. It is a stressful experience, but thats why im here. My blog posts give you adulting but show how to make it easier. My main checklist for wedding planning will be useful in figuring out what you need.

A wedding planning checklist can get very involved.

If you are engaged or about to be, make sure you read up on what to do the MOMENT you get engaged. You can also click on my Wedding category above to get more. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my wedding journey.

How’s wedding planning going for you? Let me know in the comments.

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