how to pick a wedding venue

How To Pick A Wedding Venue

First, a wedding is a beautiful thing but picking a wedding venue can be a crazy experience. Do you pick something modern or classic? Do you want a wild party or something simple? Read on for tips on how to pick a wedding venue.

Believe me, I learned how to pick a wedding venue after a bit of research, and trying things out.

Wedding planning isn’t easy but it is something I have come to master after doing it myself. After a ton of trial and error, I learned how to pick a wedding venue. We not only managed to find a place that met my Fiance and I requirements, but a venue that would please our families and friends too. Here is how I got through it.

Plan Early

To get ahead of things, my fiance and I planned our wedding early. Planning early is the best thing that you can do. People will say that you are crazy, but ignore them. Sit down with your significant other and have an honest discussion about what kind of wedding you envision.

Budget Early Too

budgeting for how to pick a wedding venue
Stick to that wedding budget

Money is the biggest factor in planning the wedding of your dreams and how to pick a wedding venue easily too. The more money the easier it is, not that you cant have a beautiful frugal wedding. In that early planning phase, its a good idea to decide how much can be realistically spent for the entire wedding. The wedding venue will probably be the highest expense on your list, don’t be alarmed.

Decide What Kind Of Wedding Venue

Before I met my fiance all I wanted to do was get married in a big castle as the wedding venue. As time passed and I matured, my expectations got more realistic. Once my fiance and I decided we wanted to marry, we spoke about what kind of venue would work for us both. We ended up looking for wedding venues that would be classy, but not break the bank.

Read Reviews And Get Feedback

There are a ton of reviews for most of the wedding venues out there. You can peruse a wedding planning website or even just search on Google. I believe reviews are part of your research, they shouldn’t all be taken as the final decision. Use them to get an idea of what kind of business you are dealing with. The best feedback I have gotten about a wedding venue has been from someone who has attended a wedding or an event there.

Interrogate The Wedding Venue

This sounds a little dramatic right? In fact, I may of been a little bridezilla-like with this wedding stuff. However, to spend thousands of dollars, I need to know what i’m getting. The fiance and I decided how much we were willing to spend and then got a list of venues that we felt matched out style and our price point. We set an appointment to tour the wedding venues and asked each venue manager about 20 questions. If we didn’t like the answers given to us, the vibe of the venue or couldn’t afford it we took that wedding venue off our list.

Its not easy figuring how to pick a wedding venue easily, don’t settle if they can’t meet your requirements.

Make A Pick

No set of wedding planning runs without an issue, and there are reasons to hate wedding planning. However, choosing a wedding venue isn’t easy, but once you make your choice be confident in it. After you make your deposit, stop looking into other wedding venues so you won’t feel buyers remorse.

At the end of the day remember that the wedding is just for you and your spouse. If you have a plan and stick to it, that’s how to pick a wedding venue easily.

Are you looking into wedding venues? Write about your experiences in the comments.

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