How To Grow Natural Hair
Natural Hair

How To Grow Natural Hair

It has taken me time, but I finally know how to grow natural hair. I big chopped and started growing my natural hair 8 years ago (wow time flies!). At regular intervals I take a step back to see if my type 4B-4C hair is growing. Monitoring your natural hair growth is helpful in stopping a hair issue or detecting a health condition.

Not long ago, I believed that I was taking great care of my hair. One day, I caught up with a friend, who in two years went from a small afro to shoulder length hair! I had went natural before her, and my hair barely reached my shoulders. I decided to figure out how to grow my natural hair more effectively.

How to grow natural hair for real? Here’s what I learned.

Healthy hair begins on the inside

Clean eating not only makes a difference on the scale. Eating food that isn’t processed and packed with natural vitamins can benefit your hair. As of late, I noticed that my natural hair always looks the most vibrant when I have a healthy diet and adequate amounts of biotin.

A clean scalp matters

 The environment of your scalp can effect how well your hair follicles function. I shampoo as needed to remove product buildup. A clean scalp leads to a boost in hair growth, less dandruff and nothing to irritate your follicles. 

Use products that work for your hair

Currently if you have natural hair, naturally curly hair, kinky hair etc. there are a lot of products available to assist you in maintaining it. The key to these kinds of hair is moisture. Take the time to find the right products that keep your hair moisturized without weighing it down. 

Trimming your hair regularly is how to grow natural hair

This is an area where I struggle. At times, the ends of my hair are fragile and break off if I skip out on my routine. I have learned that sticking to my my hair care regimen, protective styles and trims every 3 months works for me.

Protective Hairstyles Are Everything

In a protective style your hair isn’t manipulated often and the ends aren’t exposed. This is hard for me to keep up sometimes, the twist out is a staple style for me. But, the frequent twisting and re-twisting,  is stressful for my natural hair. I’ve added in more protective styling and its helped.

Long Box Braids Protective Style

In reality, the average rate of hair growth is about a half inch a month, unless you have underlying health issues that make it less than that. If there is an issue retaining length, it may be time to try one of the methods above.

Are you happy with how your hair is growing?

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