Valentines Day Makeup Look

The Valentines Makeup Look You Need

Makeup can elevate your overall look, especially for a special occasion. The Valentines makeup look you need doesn’t even have to take you all day to create. Lately I have been pressed for time and my full face makeup routine has gotten shorter. This year I’m keeping my makeup simple, yet hella sexy. Keep reading to see the valentines makeup look you need to try this Valentines Day.

The first step to getting a sexy makeup look is your skin underneath.

Make sure your skin is thoughly washed and moisturized. I recommened after the face wash you apply a serum such as vitamin C to brigten and tone, then apply a good moisturizer that will hydrate and plump your face. Here are my picks for vitamin c serums and moisturizers.

Makeup can be sexy, focus on the area that makes you feel good. The focus of your makeup valentines day makeup look should be the eyes or the lips. For the look pictured I choose the eyes! If you choose eyes use “romantic” colors like reds and pinks. If you choose the lips you can skip the shadow and pick a bold red or pink lip color. Check out my current eye shadow palette and lipstick/lipgloss faves:

The valentines makeup look you need is now on its way.

The next step is to prime your skin. Use a primer that will work with your skin type and desired look. There are many primers out on the market, offering the ability to control oil, hydrate skin, fill wrinkles, etc. I have combination skin that gets dry in colder weather months. The primer I chose can moisturize yet keep my oily parts matte. My current fave is Bobbi Brown “Primer Plus Mattifier” primer, but scroll some of these to see some other ideas.

Since your face is now moisturized and primed, its now time to add the foundation. There are a billion foundations out there, and thanks to brands such as Fenty Beauty, Lancome, NARS, Too Faced and others there are shades to match the deeper skin tones. I’m currently using the NARS Radiant Longwear foundation. Also, if you want a glow, choose a foundation that has a radiant, illuminating, or brightening finish. Here are my foundation picks:

After using foundation do you need setting powder? Setting powder is optional, but I prefer it because it finishes my look and absorbs extra oil. I am a big fan of the laura mercier setting powder, if you want full face glow try their translucent glow powder.

The Valentines makeup look you create will be great for Valentines Day because its customized by YOU. What valentines makeup look will you try? Tag me on Instagram so I can see your final makeup look!

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