Single For Valentine’s Day? Here’s How To Win.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and there is no stopping it. Certain holidays are stressful, but there is something about Valentine’s Day that makes you feel inhuman for being alone that day. Are you single for Valentine’s Day? Here’s how to win.

Find Comfort Amongst Friends

If you are a single lady then a Galentine could be perfect for you. A Galentine is just one(or a few) of your close girlfriends who you go out with on that day. It’s practically like a regular get togehter or brunch, but gives you companionship and support on an emotionally challengening day.

Guys, you can do the same with your bros. Grab your squad and go to your local bar, sporting event or whatver you decide will keep your spirits up. Singles party Aint no party like a singles party! Seriously, a fun time can be had when everyone is starting on the same page. Dress in your finest party outfit and dance the night away. Dont forget to mingle with other singles of course, you never know who you may meet.

Rekindle An Old Flame Or Hookup

Rekindle with the past if you dare.

Many of us have that one person who we wonder about or the one who got away. If all ended on good terms why not reach out and see if they are also in need of a Valentine. It’s a win win situation, you will have plans for Valentines Day… and night.

Self Reflection

If you decide you want to spend Valentine’s Day alone that is perfeclty fine. There are bonuses to that as well. You will save money, save time, have an excuse to Netflix binge, and you won’t have to share your chocolates. Being single for Valentine’s Day is also a great time to do some self reflecton about what may be holding you back from love.

Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl actually matters if you’re single for Valentine’s Day. Ladies especially, this is your chance because imagine how many men come out in droves for this event. Think about it for a second, there are Super Bowl gatherings everywhere from a friends home to a local bar. All packed with an assortment of men. Put on your cutest outfit and dont be shy. If you meet a single guy and initally you two get along, it’s possible that you may have snagged yourself a bae and a Valentines Day date.

Being single for Valentine’s Day can bring on some anxiety if you let society get to you.
I wrote this post and gave you some tips to show that you do have more options than you think. So get out there (or not), and no matter what, do what makes you happy. Let me know how it goes. Do you have a single for Valentine’s Day expereince? Sound off in the comments.

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