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5 Reasons Why A RevAir Is Worth It

RevAir is a reverse air dryer that gets your entire head dry in minutes. Using patented reverse-air technology and their wand design, your hair dries simultaneously from root to end. The air flow creates gentle tension on the hair to smooth and straighten the hair. I was sent a RevAir to review on my type 4B/4C hair and have a ton of reasons why a RevAir is worth it.

Works On All Hair Types

Many would agree, that when you have kinky curly natural hair it is hard to find tools that work. Usually, tools and products that work on the general market, won’t work on my type 4B/4C hair. The wonderful team at RevAir assured me that I had nothing to fear so I took a leap of faith and gave it a try. The RevAir dried my hair without a problem, leaving me pleasantly surprised. My hair was straight enough that it looked like I had a blow out. So listen, if it can work for me it can work for you.

Saves Time

In terms of blow drying, I have done a blow out at home and gotten it done professionally. At home with my standard blow dryer would take me a little over an hour to complete (more time if I take a break to rest my arms). A professional blowout at a salon would take about 45 minutes. The RevAir on my first try took me about 30 minutes. Seriously.

Less Heat Damage

Heat damage is bad for all hair types, especially if you have curly or kinky curly hair. Since heat isn’t directly applied to hair there is less damage. That definitely makes a RevAir worth it.

It Can Even Dry A Hairstyle

I often wear my hair in twists and install them after washing my hair. I have seen women online drying twists and locs. Using the RevAir in that manner didn’t occur to me until I saw that review, but I will give it a try soon.

Saves You From Spending At A Hair Salon

The salon is a wonderful place, but for many of us it can get expensive. Having the ability to get a blowout at home on my own was a game changer for me. A woman posted online and I happened to see it. Initially, after the woman bought a RevAir she declared that even though its pricey, it will pay for itself. I can agree, because a blowout in NYC with my kinky hair would cost me start at about $100.

Overall I believe the RevAir is worth it and a useful styling tool. Want to see me demo the RevAir? Check out my YouTube Review here. Follow me on Instagram to see how I incorporate it into my hair styles. If you want to read my review, read my blog post here.

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