Full Application of the MasqueBar Black Gold Face Mask

Masquebar Black Gold Face Mask

I received a complimentary Black Gold face mask by MasqueBar and decided to give it a try. MasqueBar is a company specializing in Korean sheet masks, face masks and skin care products that can meet all of your skins needs. Since I am now a growing fan of Korean beauty brands, I decided a MasqueBar experience was a must. At home facials are good when you cant reach a professional.

The MasqueBar face mask sent to me was the black gold. It’s described as a peel off mask that has charcoal and 24 karat gold. The benefit of the mask is that the charcoal will draw out impurities and tighten pores  leaving you with clean glowing skin. The gold was a nice touch to make the mask feel fancy and illuminate the complexion.

The packaging of the black gold mask.

The instructions for the mask were easy. The first step is to thoroughly cleanse and then tone your face. I opened the packet and I expected to see a mask soaked in liquid, instead it was just thick black liquid with gold swirling in it. At first I was a little confused in how to apply it, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my foundation brush so I just applied it with my fingers.

The mask was a bit hard to manage. The liquid dried and thickened and got sticky on my face and fingers, making it hard to cover my face evenly. 

It took about 10 minutes to apply the mask. Waiting for the mask to dry took a while and at first it seems like it wouldn’t dry at all. I waited 15 minutes for it to dry as instructed on the back of the packet. Once dry, the Masquebar Black Gold mask felt very stiff on my face. 

Peeling off the mask was impossible. I tried at different angles and nothing happened, I wonder if I did something wrong or perhaps I needed more of the formula to make it thicker. After a few attempts I had to take a washcloth and massage it all over until it came off. At one point I thought I was done until I looked in the mirror and saw that some of the mask was still on my face. Due to the constant rubbing and tugging to remove the facial mask my skin got a little red.

Left over residue after removing MasqueBar Black Gold Face Mask
Took a while to remove MasqueBar Black Gold Face Mask

Overall I like the Masquebar brand. You could order a mask at a time, get a combination or even  get a subscription to a package that suits you. Masquebars black gold mask sounded really good on the package, but I wouldn’t try that one again. I am interested in seeing what other facial masks they have to offer though. 

Masquebar has facial masks for many skin types or skin concerns. They retail from $3.99 for an individual mask to $40 for a collection pack.

Have you ever tried the black gold face mask from Masquebar ?

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