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Jane Carter Curls To Go Review On 4b Hair

Jane Carter Curls to Go is on of my go to lines to style my natural hair. I was sent the products to try out and agreed to give an honest 4B hair review. Jane Carter’s Curls to Go line is specially made with kinky, coily hair in mind. The Curls to Go products are enriched with ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, argan and coconut oils to keep hair moisturized and frizz free. Over almost a month I tried out the full product line in various ways. The entire Curls To Go line consists of: Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash, Untangle Me Weightless Leave-in, Shine On Curl Elixir, Mist Me Over Curl Hydrator, Curl Cocktail Conditioning Styling Cream, and Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel.

First Impressions

The packaging is cute, labels are easy to read, the containers are easy to hold and store due to their standard product sizing. The smell is great!!! All products appear light yet creamy. No shampoo, conditioner or deep conditioner though. Hmm.

Styling – Wash n Go

The first style I tried to do was a wash-n-go. My hair was freshly trimmed and washed so I knew I could get a fair look at how the products worked. After shampooing I applied the Untangle Me Weightless Leave-in. This leave in is pretty good. It smells great and helped me untangle and moisturize my hair. It is weightless as mentioned on the label too, I’m glad this product worked as promised. I applied the leave-in to sections of my hair and then splashed a little water on my hair. To get the best wash-n-go in the shower your hair has to be dripping wet.

Curls To Go, Wash And Go
My hair using Curls To Go. It was still a dripping wet wash and go before I dried it.

Next, I applied the coiling all curls elongating gel and used my fingers and some light combing to work the product through.  After that, I let my hair air dry. When my hair was wet I saw serious curl definition, as my hair dried I still had curl definition but didn’t get very much elongation. By day two my type 4b hair went from a wash-n-go to more of a wash-n-curly-fro (with noticeable shrinkage). It was still cute but I had hoped to keep the curls I saw in the shower. The gel is not very heavy, maybe that’s why it could only hold my curls in check for a short time period.


Styling – Twist Out

Twists outs are my go-to because it allows the most flexibility when styling. To start this style I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair. Then I did the LOC (Leave In-Oil-Cream) method by applying the leave-in, shine on curl elixir and curl cocktail conditioning styling cream. The products mixed well, my hair was soft and detangled easily. My twists were elongated and dried frizz free. Once I took the twists out, my hair was soft and defined. To add more definition and to have a less soft finish (due to more hold) you can add a dab of the gel and add more twists. My twist out stayed cute during the week with moderate re-twisting before bed at night. To refresh my curls and hydrate my hair I used the Mist Me Over Curl Hydrator, which I instantly liked. If I wanted shine, I sprayed on the elixir.

Styling – Co-wash and refresh/restyle

Midweek I often need to co-wash my hair. This Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash is really good! A little bit can go a long way and it instantly softened my hair. It is really gentle and didn’t strip my hair color or leave it dry. It kept my hair soft and manageable whether I wanted to do a stretched style or a twist out.

Final thoughts

The co-wash is a keeper. The curl cocktail works well and gets me a twist out that can last for a few days. The curl refresher is really nice, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and moisturizes on the go. The gel I won’t use very much unless I need extra hold for a twist out, or if I only need a wash-n-go style to last me for a day or so. The Elixir works well, but for me, it is best when adding shine or as a quick lubrication to hair before taking twists out. In my opinion, when using products I find best results when I use a whole product line. I hope in the future a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner is made available.

Overall the Curls to Go line worked on my 4b hair. I would recommend that all type 4 hair naturalistas looking for a line that caters to our type 4 hair need to give this a try.

The Jane Carter Solutions Curls to Go line is available in stores like Sally’s Beauty, Walmart, Target and more. For more details, visit their website.

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