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4B Hair Wash-n-Go, The Hair Rules Salon Method

When I first went natural a few years ago, I was introduced to the Wash-And-Go world by way of the “Dickey Method” at Hair Rules salon in Manhattan.

First, the stylist trimmed my hair and shampooed it with a gentle cleanser. The stylist applied the “curly whip” in sections while my hair was saturated. The product was smoothed through my wet hair, allowing it to clump and elogate my curls. I was then instructed to shake out my curls while my head was upside down. I thought it was weird but it worked like magic to give curl separation and volume. After that I sat under a hooded dryer, then a hair pick and a blow dryer(on low) were used to get lift at the roots. One look in the mirror and was amazed….I never thought my 4b hair was capable of uniform curls or that I actually had a visible curl pattern.

I kept doing Wash-And-Go’s (WnGs, Wash-n-Go’s) for a while, until the hair rules products I purchased were gone. Due to time constraints I stopped with WnGs and became a fan of twist outs. I loved the fact that I could have definition for a few days, without using a hooded or blow dryer. But lately I’ve been missing Wash-And-Go’s.

The Wash-And-Go is still the best option if I want length retention.  The lower amounts of manipulating my hair and increased moisture always result in better hair growth for me. Wash-And-Gos moisturize my hair because I would have to add water often. I would also put less stress on my ends vs. twist outs because re-twisting at night isn’t needed.

Wash-n-Gos are great but present me some problems.

-If you have no hooded dryer/diffuser dryer, you need to be in a warm environment, otherwise your hair will be wet for days

-Detangling is a mess!!! A WnG gives me the tightest curl pattern, resulting in longer detangle time

-It doesn’t have longevity, its recommended to do it every 2-3 days to keep it fresh

Humidity can make it frizzy, unless I humidity proof my hair

Do you like Wash-n-Gos?


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