Join My 30 Day Smart Lifestyle Challenge
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Join My 30 Day Smart Lifestyle Challenge

Lifestyle is something we hear of often but don’t put much thought into. Fitness has been part of my lifestyle for a decade, but I realized I have a few reasons why I should do a lifestyle challenge. Adulting has gotten the best of me lately, causing me to cut a few corners. According to what my friends and supporters tell me, it turns out I’m not alone in this. In this next 30 days join me in the #30DaySmartLifestyleChallenge.

I created the 30 Day Smart Lifestyle Challenge to help myself and others who need some inspiration. It’s FREE to join and can only help you.The challenge begins today and ends on Thanksgiving (see there is a reward at the end of this lol). Sign up here for the 30 Day Smart Lifestyle newsletter to get weekly encouragement, all who sign up get a free PDF of my top 3 weight loss smoothies. Use the hashtag #30DaySmartLifestyleChallenge to follow me on this challenge and get featured on my Instagram.

Here is what inspired me to get my act together:

My Doctor Says…

Doctors get paid the big bucks for a reason. After a food poisoning incident this summer, it caused me to have another health issue. After the doctor ran some blood work he noticed I was deficient in a few vitamins. Healthy eating is one area that I cut, using quick meals to feed my hunger that were lacking in nutrients.

Wedding Bells

I’m getting married in a few months. The wedding date which was way in the future is now less than a year away. The lifestyle changes I make now, will make me a glowing bride later.

Doing It For Me

At the end of the day I have no one to impress but myself. I look forward to putting more value into caring for myself.

Studies show that for the average person it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. The fact that it can take such a large window of time made me decide to get focused. Effort will be key, I’m going to have to step my game up and do this in a month. I figure that if I can be dedicated to making an effort for at least 30 days the other 100+ days should be easy right?

Lets do this!! Sign up for the challenge here.

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