7 Reasons Why I Hate Wedding Planning
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7 Reasons Why I Hate Wedding Planning

It was the night of Valentine’s Day when my life was on the road to change. At my surprise, my fiancé got down on one knee in the middle of dinner and proposed to me. I said “yes” but never expected that I would slowly come to hate wedding planning. I love my fiancé and the engagement journey, but as the excitement wears off I think I want to get off this wedding planning roller coaster.

Here are the things currently pissing me off in regards to planning this wedding:

Hes not interested.

The average man isn’t into weddings for several reasons. Societal rules don’t have men looking forward to their wedding since the age of 3. Men are also practical and simple, they really don’t care if your dress is Ivory or Off-White. They definitely don’t care about bridesmaid dress styles, floral arrangements or any of the other trivial details. My fiancé is great and helps out where needed(and I understand as a man this isn’t his thing), but a small part of me wishes he was as excited as my bridesmaids.

Its expensive!

Luckily my fiancé and I were able to price some wedding expenses early. The amount of money we have to put up is all due a few weeks before the wedding. Looking at our invoices and seeing a number with zeros behind it is upsetting. Im saving money to pay for things, but low key scared id have to revert back to my college days of ramen noodle dinners and at home mani-pedis with dollar store nail polish.


I don’t know who created all this wedding ettiqute stuff and other must do tasks but its getting out of hand. If I followed all the rules id have to have a bridal luncheon, wedding reherseal, day after wedding brunch, just the bride photo shoot, trash the dresh photo shoot and release 100 white doves dipped in gold after my wedding. I cant deal.

Family expectations.

Family expects you to keep to their traditions. It can be an old school tradition like the bride wearing her mothers old gown. In real life I know one woman whose mother demanded she do certain things “for good luck”. Luckily our families have expectations but they seem to be willing to let us do our own thing.

People are rude.

I have had people I haven’t seen since I was 5 contact me about my upcoming wedding. People have even demanded me to give them several plus ones. Another person got into a borderline shouting match with me because they weren’t invited to the wedding.

So much pressure.

All of this adds up and weighs on you and makes it hard to focus on the positive aspects of planning a wedding. At times I feel like putting myself into debt to hire a professional wedding planner to take care of all these details for me. Wedding planning on your own is very stressful, yet no one honestly speaks out about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fiancé and wedding planning has its fun moments but…

A wedding planning professional could have been a buffer from these incidents. Minimizing wedding costs is a must for us, so I don’t have a choice. I’d like to give kudos to all the wedding planners out there, whether doing it solo like me or if a hired professional, you guys are the real MVP.

Planning a wedding of your own? Are you a wedding planner? Have a wedding planning story? Please share in the comments!

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