Cantu Beauty Texture On The Runway

Texture On The Runway 2018, New York Fashion Week

Texture on the runway is one of my favorite New York Fashion Week events.

A few years ago founder Michelle Breyer created Texture On The Runway to fill a void. Just like Michelle, during Fashion Week I would always be looking for representation of women that looked like me. Thanks to Texture on the Runway powered by Sally Beauty, mainstream media and the fashion industry have to pay attention to the undeniable beauty of textured hair.

Amara La Negra Texture On The Runway

This year the Texture On The Runway theme had to be influenced by the current state of society’s unwillingness to have multiple leaders or “Queens” in certain categories. Especially in the beauty, music and modeling industry, there is so much talent yet society feels a need to side with only one woman. I noticed that each brand that walked the runway, told a story of inclusiveness without being catty.

Here’s a look at the brands who slayed the runway this year:

The Mane Choice had Goddesses representing the natural elements and beauty. I really loved their looks, they were all in beautiful outfits in earthy and airy colors.

Mane Choice Texture On The Runway


Shea Moisture an industry leader for hair care took us to the Caribbean. Along with Miss Jamaica’s Davina Benett appearance walking the runway, we sang along to Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negras performance. All the outfits were bright and flows, representing the beauty of the sun.

Shea Moisture Texture On The Runway 2018


Camille Rose gave us some culture on the runway as they took us to Asia. Asian royal outfits alike to a dynasty family conveyed their theme of royalty and grace.

Camille Rose Naturals Texture On The Runway


Creme Of Nature reminded everyone that all women have an inner queen. One of my favorite looks from their set was this beautiful flowing dress, the models hair was piled high with beautiful texture.

Creme Of Nature Texture On The Runway

Cantu Beauty didn’t disappoint either, they took us to New Orleans for a quick view into a very NOLA cultural celebration. We saw a ceremony and a wedding complete with “jumping the broom”. They also had several men walk the runway too, its always nice to see the men wear their textured hair.

Cantu Beauty Texture On The Runway


Mielle Organics stood out again at Texture On The Runway. Their theme stuck a chord by implying that as women we are all royal queens. At first women fought for the crown, but that quickly ended when they all realized life is sweeter when we all recognize our individual Queen-ness. Their outfits were daring with body paint and animal inspired clothing.

Mielle Organics Texture On The Runway

Carol’s Daughter one hair care brand that’s one of the first to the market and it all started on Brooklyn. Founder, Lisa Price surprised the whole crowd as she came out rapping and dancing.

Carol's Daughter Texture On The Runway


Texture on the runway is always inspiring to me. I’m looking forward to attending next year. I really appreciated the positive messages projected to us. We all belong and it’s actually more fun when there are multiple queens.

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