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7 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged

Getting engaged has been one of the most unexpected, romantic things to happen to me. I didn’t pick up on the signs an engagement was coming. My Fiancé managed to keep his plans a secret for months and I’m one lucky woman. Once that pretty ring is on your finger, your work has only just begun. Trust me there is so much to do, but to start here are 7 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged.

1. Celebrate!...with your fiancé. Things are about to get crazy. Everyone is going to be asking the both of you a million questions and offering their congratulations.

2. Don’t tell the whole world...yet. I will keep it honest as always with my personal experience. Everyone in your life won’t be supportive of you. There are people out there who secretly hate on you and wish you the worst. Chances are you have a good feeling of who those people may be. You will be super excited and emotional after the proposal, once that calms down take a tally of who is truly in your corner. Spread the news how you wish on YOUR terms, don’t give your haters a chance to twist your story.

3. Leave social media alone…maybe.

An older woman told me that certain social media announcements are rude in some situations. I didn’t understand what she meant at first. One day I was on Instagram and saw a friend post that she had gotten engaged. I was happy for her, but there were several of her family members upset in her comments. The family felt disrespected that they weren’t informed, that they had to just happen to see a social media post along with people who were complete strangers. In this case, you have to know how your family would react and tell them the news accordingly. There is nothing wrong with telling your family and then posting on Instagram right after.

4. Bridal Party. There may be an awkward silence amongst your friends, or you may feel the heat as they eye you when you are all out together. Decide on your bridal party as quickly as you can. At the very least pick the maid/man of honor, and alert the rest of your friends that you are still planning. Let them know that you will keep them posted. Your girlfriends/guyfriends are just as excited as you are and would want to know how they can contribute to your big day!

5. Throw an engagement party. Family and friends will be very excited to hear the news. Many will be so excited they will want to start planning your wedding for you. An engagement party will keep them occupied and give you a chance to tell them in person that you’ve got this and will let them know if you need their assistance.

6. Insure your ring.

If your ring is of a high quality metal such as white gold or platinum it should get insured. If you have diamonds or any other precious stone then I think ring insurance is a MUST. Your partner put effort and money into the purchase, why not have it protected just in case?

7. Decide what kind of wedding you want and how much you’re willing to spend for it. After you get engaged you may have no idea what kind of wedding you want, or know how much it costs. Once I was engaged I thought I would of been getting married in the royal castle, but then the sticker shock brought me back to reality. I recommend you set a budget first and then decided what kind of wedding (small, large, destination, etc.) fits the bill.

Just got engaged? Want to be engaged? Let me know in the comments.


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