5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Kitchen Now

5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Kitchen Now

As I’m typing this post it’s taking everything in me not to go off like YouTuber KrissyChula in her famous “It’s Hot as Hell” video.  Cooking in summer heat is the worst, but mainly because I don’t have air conditioning. I wish I could give up on being in my kitchen in the summer months, but adulting wont let me. Until then here are 5 ways to stay cool in the kitchen now.

1. Don’t Turn On The Oven. Baking is fun, but you may want to save that recipe for another day. If you have no choice, do it in the early morning/late night when it’s cooler. Bake multiple items at once and refrigerate for use during the week.

2. Grill. Outside grilling is always nice. Indoor grilling can be done with a George Foreman grill. The food will be done quick and the grilling process wont heat up your kitchen.

3. One pot meals. These are a lifesaver for me, and many are done in under an hour. Try chili, pasta and veggies, ground meat n veggies or my favorite glazed Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs (on stovetop or slow cooker).

4. Salads. Best option ever. You can mix up your greens and add in tons of raw veggies. For protein you can add tuna, chicken, cubed ham, etc. No heat or cooking is required, its quick and filling.

5. Smoothies. It can be filling with the addition of a protein like Greek yogurt, whey protein, or peanut butter. Add in frozen fruit to make it cold and creamy.

6. Here’s a bonus. Air it all out. I mean everything, open the windows. Turn on the fans. Take off some clothes (it’s getting hot in herrre, lol).

How will you apply these 5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Kitchen Now?

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