5 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism
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5 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Genetically everyone’s metabolism is different. Some people have high metabolisms and can’t gain weight, some have slow metabolisms and difficulty losing weight. Either way the body is open to change. By making a few adjustments, you can speed up your metabolism.

My fitness journey has been long and I’ve experienced a lot. I have been at every weight from skinny to pleasantly fluffy. Maintaining a healthy balance is what really matters to me, I don’t really aim for a particular number on the scale. I don’t obsess over how much I weigh or how many calories I eat in a day. In addition I like food and in moments when I am malnourished or hungry it literally makes me sick. My fitness style/goals allow me to not have a “diet”, and I believe everyone could benefit from kick starting their metabolism.

I’ve tried all the things below and saw success with it. Adulting also has my metabolism slowing up, so its now important that I do what I can to speed up my metabolism. Every step works best when done all at once, but something is always better than nothing. As always before overhauling your entire fitness/diet, you may want to consult with your healthcare professional. Here are 5 ways to kick-start eating for your metabolism:

Eat regularly

Our bodies are programmed to protect against starvation, if the body is accustomed to receiving nutrients at a regular basis it will stop storing excess fat. In the morning upon waking your body hasn’t been fed in hours. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day because you are stopping your body from fasting and waking up your metabolism for the day. After breakfast and depending on your lifestyle and fitness goals your meals should be at consistent intervals. Usually a small balanced meal every 3-4 hours.

Drink Water

It very important to be hydrated. When hydrated you feel fuller and your body will function better and in many cases it can provide you with a feeling of more energy. Water requirements have evolved these days, and its best to drink water according to your needs and weight.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause changes to your blood sugar levels. The fluctuations of blood sugar will cause your body to increase insulin levels. Increased insulin levels encourage your body to hold on to fat stores for energy. Who wants to hold on to fat? Not many of us.

Do Some Weight Lifting

Having some muscle mass and speed up your metabolism while your body is at rest. Its not a crazy big help, about an extra 40 calories per 10 pounds of muscle. Still, it’s an easy way to have your metabolism working while you are sitting and doing nothing. You don’t need to be as big as a professional weight lifter either.

Move Your Body

The human body is not designed to be dormant. It is made to move. There are a ton of cardio, low & high intensity workouts out there.  Pick what fits you, some days I’m the crazy person on the Stairmaster, another day its all about the treadmill. As long as you get your blood flowing and that heart pumping, you are good to go.


Which one of these steps will you take to speed up your metabolism?

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