Meltproof Summer Makeup

Meltproof Summer Makeup

Summer is here and while that makes most of us happy, if you wear makeup every day the thought of summer heat makes you panic. A meltproof summer makeup routine is the only way to survive. Read on for my makeup insider tips.

Wash Your Face

Yes I know we are all perfect humans who keep our faces clean at all times. Right? In Summer your face gets loaded with oil, sunscreen, sweat and pollutants. Melt-proof summer makeup can only work if your face is squeaky clean.

Moisturizer Matters

I know a few people who don’t moisturize their faces at all and the thought of leaving my skin without moisture is scary. Your skin does provide some moisture to itself naturally but that depletes as the day passes. If you don’t moisturize your skin your body will overcompensate and make more oil. More oil isn’t good, your makeup will literally slide off. Find a moisturizer that will keep your skin balanced and oil free.

Primer Matters Too

After you wash your face and apply moisturizer, don’t forget to prime. The primer will seal in your clean, moisturized face and provide a foundation for these next steps.

Powder Please

After your primer add a light layer of powder. I honestly don’t know why this wasn’t a thing sooner. I don’t know how or why it works but I’m grateful. The powder over primer gives you a nice smooth matte finish to your foundation and holds it in place. Thanks to beauty vlogger Jackie Aina for that tip.

Apply Foundation and Concealer

Use a small amount of foundation and concealer. In summer the less you put on your skin is more. Apply the least amount possible to get the coverage you need.

The Powders And Then Spray

Lastly set your foundaiton with powder. Yes, more powder. Just trust me ok? After your finishing powder, apply your other powder products. Then finish it off with a setting spray.

My routine for melt-proof Summer makeup may seem like a lot of steps, but it works. In 90 degree temperatures and some sweating, my face still had a matte finish and looked good.


Good products that work with your skin are super important. See the images below that will link you to my top summer beauty recommendations.



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