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BossBelle Apparel Review

I work out several times a week and recently decided to bring more of my love for fashion into my gym outfits. I’m always looking for the latest trends. BossBelle Apparel first caught my attention with the empowering messages on their clothing. A BossBelle Apparel review was in order once the brand reached out to me as a fitness & lifestyle influencer who isn’t afraid to give an honest opinion.

BossBelle Apparel was founded in 2016 by two military Veterans and recently launched June 1, 2018.  They have been working hard to bring quality fitness apparel to every woman no matter what her fitness goal is. They have also rolled out a few unisex t shirts so the men could enjoy the brand too.

BossBelle Apparel’s goal is to empower women and provide motivation that will get them through their training and allow them to be CONFIDENT AND HAPPY with themselves!

I got to try out the “Finessing This Cardio” print domain style T-shirt. It was soft, breathable and super cute. What really got me was the fit, I could wear it to the gym or add some accessories and wear it to hang out. I wore and washed the shirt a few times and it still looks brand new. After a few cycles  the color is still there and the material did not shrink. BossBelle Apparel is a new brand but they come out with new designs consistently. I also appreciate that BossBelle Apparel is affordably priced and customer service is friendly. I definitely recommend BossBelle Apparel if you are looking for stylish, functional clothing to work out in. It also helps that their clothing comes with a dose of motivation.

BossBelle Apparel Review
I definitely finessed my cardio wearing this shirt.


Here is a little more about the founders of BossBelle Apparel:

Husband (Fernando) and Wife (LaNell) are the founders of BossBelle Apparel and are based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They are both Navy Veterans who enjoy working out, hanging with family (including their two 🐶🐶), and traveling.  Lanell’s husband has always been into fitness, but Lanell actually didn’t fall in love with working out until 2 years before separating from the service in 2011. It started with becoming familiar with weights, setting a goal and finding what worked.

As a form of self motivation LaNell would post motivational quotes along with her colorful mismatched gym outfits. After looking at her outfits and quotes together one day, creativity was sparked. At that moment, BossBelle Apparel was created. After several likes, comments and messages on how inspired people were, they knew BossBelle Apparel would be welcome in fill a void and decided to officially launch their products.

Lanell is currently certified as a Level II Speed Specialist (NASE Level II-CSS) through the National Association of Speed and Explosion focusing on speed strength/endurance training and plyometrics training. Isn’t that cool?

BossBelle Apparel Review


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