Will He Propose Soon
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Will He Propose Soon?

Marriage catches a lot of negative attention lately, especially when you hear that historically less of us are getting married.  I pay that no mind, especially now that I am engaged myself (*squeals*). Many of you may be wondering “Will He Propose Soon?” I am living proof, some of us can actually be in relationships that are marriage bound. I did wonder when my fiancé would propose, I had a feeling something was happening but couldn’t put my finger on it. Now looking back on things, here are some signs your partner may be about to pop the question.

You Will Catch Him In Deep Thought

Everyone is different but you know when something is on your mans mind. Usually Men are great problem solvers and are able to “get over” an emotionally troubling situation quicker than a woman. If you see him getting more quiet and thinking more to himself, he may be planning something big. A proposal seems simple to us but a lot happens on his end before we even see the ring.

He Will Watch How He Spends Money

He’s thought about proposing and marriage and knows that all of this will cost a ton. He may suggest more low key dates, more Netflix and Chill and spend less on himself. If he buys his lunch every day, he will do things like cook at home and bring it to work. He may push for a promotion, pick up more hours or even a second job. He may even seem more interested at looking over his accounts and investments than usual.


Your Jewelry May Disappear

He knows that an engagement ring reflects your own personal style. If he doesn’t take you to a jewelry store to look around, he has to figure out what you would like in secret. He may borrow one of your rings he knows you don’t wear everyday, to take it to his jeweler to figure out your ring size and style.


He Seems In on Something With Friends and/or Family

This is a big one. If he casually asks for contact information for your bestie, mom or dad he may be up to something. Does he disappear in the kitchen to talk to your parents? Do you walk in to a room and he and your bestie stop their conversation?


Will He Propose Soon? If he is doing any or all of the above there is a good chance that your answer is coming really soon!

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