cooking is better with spice islands
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Cooking is Better with Spice Islands

In life, good food is everything. Tasty nutritious food is super important to me right now, especially since I’m given myself some fitness goals. I definitely have reasons why I want to get fit. When Spice Islands invited me to come see how their seasonings could create flavorful dishes I had to go see for myself.

Spice Islands is a line of premium spices and seasonings. They follow strict specifications to deliver a higher quality and more flavorful product. The Spice Islands brand is set apart by 4 quality points: Source, Spec, Volatile Oil and Process. They responsibly source their product from a network of farmers throughout the world. Spice Islands also handpicks spices from specific regions for the best flavor profile. They have strict specifications for all the spices, and allow for the natural oils (volatile oil) to have a higher percentage, leading to great flavor. All the spices are processed fresh and bottled within weeks of grinding.

At this event Spice Islands celebrated their national cooking school. They have partnered with Taste Buds Kitchen to create cooking classes nationwide. The classes will help educate people about how spices can make their meals shine. Tara Bench, editor and blogger of Tara Teaspoon was the creator of some amazing recipes.

I have heard of large kitchens offering cooking classes, but Taste Buds Kitchen is different. The Taste Buds Kitchen offers kids classes in the daytime, and at other times they have adult BYOB classes and more. The instructors there really taught me a lot and I wasn’t there for long. I learned how to grind my own spice blend, make whip cream, poach pears (in red wine!!) and how to make butternut squash empanadas(my first empanada without meat). These lovely recipes together with the Spice Islands spices were so yummy.

 I learned how the right spices can easily transform a meal. If I really want to keep my foodie title I need to step my game up. But first, I must trade up my spices to Spice Islands. 🙂



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