Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning The Easy Way

It’s that time of the year, the days get brighter and you know Spring has arrived. Winter weather may still be lingering, along with all the mess of hibernating indoors for months. Even if you clean your place often, being indoors for so long makes spring cleaning a must. Read on for tips on Spring cleaning the easy way.

First you have to understand that Spring cleaning is not to be confused with your regular weekly/daily cleaning routine. Spring cleaning is for those things that get used or ignored all winter long.

See whats dirty

As I mentioned, spring cleaning is not your regular cleaning routine. Take a look at what you have been using the most first. For instance in the Winter I bake up a storm, so my oven is in need of some deep cleaning. Another item I use the most in winter is my down comforter and down jackets. I’ve also spent more time indoors since its been cold, so I have put more traffic on carpeted areas and my couch.

Next up you have to see what has been ignored. I personally have avoided deep cleaning my refrigerator all winter long, because it’s too cold. My apartment never gets as warm as it should, Why would I want to have my head in the freezer and stuff? Also on my list is the heating vent, those vents have been pushing out nice toasty air all season long that I willingly ignored the dust bunnies.

Come up with a plan

I am a neat and clean person (yes neat and clean are separate things). That doesn’t mean I like to clean though. I’m actually tempted to forgo extra food or a month of cable just so I could use a cleaning service. But because of adulting and my current state of being broke im currently following my own advice on what to do when you’re broke.

You can tackle all the spring cleaning in a day or spread it out over time. Pick what you’re comfortable with.

Do the Bigger Spring cleaning tasks first

My down items I will take care of in a separate laundry run since they require special attention. I’d love to take those items to be dry cleaned, but I rather save my $100 and spend under $20 to wash and fully dry everything. Other things like cleaning an oven is annoying, but why not get that out the way first? Then you have time for quicker things like dusting.

Get deals on what you can’t clean yourself

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s radar and many companies have promotions. For instance if you need to clean your carpet or couch companies like Stanley Steemer offer regular promotions. You could even strike a deal with your dry cleaner for bringing in multiple items and get a discount. Cleaning apps have new customer deals as well.


I plan on doing my spring cleaning all in one weekend. I wont be hiring any outside help because that’s an extra cost I can’t afford right now. Once its all done I will sit back and enjoy how fresh and clean my place will feel…celebrated with a big glass of wine. Spring cleaning the easy way does have a reward after all. Cheers!

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