Humidity Proof Curly Hair
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Humidity Proof Curly Natural Hair

Humidity proof curly natural hair is like a unicorn to me. Humidity is the worst if you have curly natural hair. I have been getting some really cute twist outs lately, but then after being outside for a few minutes my hair would become a shrunken mess. After being super frustrated during a humid week in NYC I reached out to hair stylist, Tamika Wesley. Tamika knows all hair types and has magically gotten my kinky-coily 4b hair into shape too. Read on for her steps on how to humidity proof your curly natural hair.

Step 1
Shampoo With A Sulfate Based Product

Shampoo aids to cleanse the hair and scalp from product build up. Product build-up comes from products that contain heavy oils (excluding essential oils) and non-water soluble silicones. These coat the hair, preventing your curls from absorbing moisture and leaving them dry and frizzy.

Step 2
Deep Condition With Steam

Deep conditioning aids with moisture, improving texture, reduces breakage, and penetrates the hair shaft.
The drier and more damaged your hair is, the more it will expand or swell in the humidity. The hair tries to take in as much moisture from the air as possible.

Step 3
Use Anti Humectant Products

Products that contain fewer humectants, such as glycerin and aloe vera gel or anti-humectants, are most effective in humid weather. Humectants only add to problems with humidity and leave your hair feeling sticky. Many products use silicones as an anti-humectant as they seal your hair against the humidity. Although anti-humectants don’t help moisturize your hair, they can be effective at preventing frizz.

Step 4

Keeping up with trims help to prevent split ends from forming, and maintains the health of the hair. The ends tend to be dryer and over worked, so removing them will aid with the frizz.

Step 5
Low maintenance Styles

Low maintenance hairstyles such as the “wash & go”, allow for hair not to be manipulated often, which will alleviate creating frizz from over styling.

*Bonus Tip *
Let Your Hair Dry

Either allow your hair to air dry and do not move it, or use a hooded dryer, or hand dryer and diffuser. Try to move the diffuser as little as possible to avoid disturbing your curl pattern.

Humidity proof curly natural hair is possible, follow these steps and be consistent for best results.

About Wesley Styles

Tamika Wesley owns Wesley Styles salon in New York City. Specializing in all hair types, Wesley Styles offers clients exceptional customer service in a private studio setting, as well as the latest hair and makeup techniques, such as precision cuts, custom color, highlights, thermal straightening or pressing, natural hair styling (locs, twist, coils, naturally curly styles), relaxer, texturizer services, conditioning treatments, and all phases of hair care. Learn more about Wesley Styles here.

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