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Spring Clean Makeup in 3 Steps

Spring is here and you have probably cleaned everything, but there is one category you may have overlooked. How about having Spring clean makeup? Here are 3 steps to Spring clean your makeup collection. Whether you have just a few items, or several containers full you’re going to want to try these steps to get your makeup in order.

Lay everything Out

I’m going to be honest and say I do have a lot of makeup. I may not have a makeup collection like the top YouTube beauty vloggers, but as a blogger who covers beauty I have enough to fill up a few containers. On top of a table, lay out all your makeup. Group the makeup into categories such as lipsticks, foundations, palettes etc.

spring clean makeup
My makeup collection sorted into groups.
Check expiration dates

Now that you see what makeup items you use, its time to check the expiration dates. If you dont see an expiration date printed on the cointainer, try to track down when you may of purchased an item if you dont remember. Smell and inspect makeup for anything that looks seperated, discolored or smells off. To avoid makeup loaded with bacteria or loss of effectiveness, use this guideline:
-Replace your mascara every 3 months
-Pencil eyeliner, lipliner can be replaced after about 2 years
-Eye shadow lasts 6 to 18 months. Cream shadow has the shortest life (about a year),powders last longer
-Facial makeup like foundation, bronzer, blush etc. is 1-2 years (liquids lasting for about a year or so), again powders last longer
-Lipstick is good for 1-2 years, lipgloss is good for 2 years

Spring clean makeup is also good to keep your makeup hygienic. Anything expired or questionable, throw it out. Learn more via the FDA here.


(from left to right) The groups of makeup to throw out, to give away to a friend and verify purchase date.
Lastly, Decide which items you actually use

Split your makeup into three categories. One for items you use frequently or daily. Another for items that you use for special occasions that occur often like date nights, parties and special events. The last category is for items that are unopened, unused or you only used it a once or twice.

For the makeup you use everyday, you can put those back into your collection. The items for special occasions, if its an item you have used more than two times, put those back too. The items you are left with if they are recent purchases, you should return them to the store. Another option is to give your extra makeup to a friend or donate them to a local women’s shelter.

Spring cleaning your makeup is important and good for your health. If you use these 3 steps you should definitely be able to check this category off your spring cleaning list.

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