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Facials at Wink Brow Bar have to be one of the best facials in NYC. I was asked to come in to try their new facial services, and at first I was a little hesitant. I have gotten several facials over the last couple of years and while most of the facial sessions were good, some were too harsh for my Black skin. However, the facial I got from Wink Brow Bar is honestly one of my best experiences.

I arrived and met with Zara Mohsin, Visiting skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar. I was immediately put at ease by her warm personality. I went into the room used for facials and felt even better as the ambiance of the room calmed me. I had makeup on but Zara was able to start evaluating my skin even before she had washed all my makeup off. How cool is that?

I felt so relaxed the whole time as if I was in some sort of blissful beauty sleep. Zara went to work on my face exfoliating, treating and massaging.  I felt great and my skin wasn’t red, it just had a glow and sheen I’ve never seen before. Facials are everything!
after my wink brow bar facial
After my facial at Wink Brow Bar.
Zara’s info can be found at  Her facials are customized and include whatever you could need to deal with all the layers of your personal skin concerns. She does a full skin analysis, a prescriptive regimen and treatments. She is also available at anytime for any concerns. Wink Brow Bar takes an approach that this is holistic, where she deals with the skin as an important organ tied in with the rest of your body and lifestyle. Zara Mohsin, Visiting skincare expert Wink Brow Bar is available at all locations. The products used for facials are by Dr. Rimpler – from Germany and around for decades, they are all natural, created by Holistic Chemists.
Wink Brow Bar not only provides great luxiourious facials (affordably priced starting at $110), they offer services for brows such as top of the line threading which I wrote about here. Give them a try and let me know what you think.
after facial at wink brow bar
A month after the facial, my skin looks very clear and smooth.

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