Spring Fashion with Vionic

Spring Fashion with Vionic Shoes

I was invited to Lord & Taylor to an evening of Secrets to Spring Style with Vionic, hosted by ELLE Magazine & blogger Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. Spring is around the corner so Spring fashion styles are everything right now. I picked up some great tips to use for this coming Spring season.

The evening featured an exclusive Q&A with Julia Engel and ELLE magazine editors.  They revealed how to incorporate the most coveted Spring fashion secrets into your everyday routine. There was also a preview of the Vionic Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Here is what I learned.

Dresses are Everything

It may seem like a basic clothing item, or something to keep in your wardrobe for special occasions but a dress is key. Everyone should have dresses in their closet and its easier than you think. All it takes is a few dresses in different silhoutes and they can be worn anywhere. They are super easy to pack and get you more value out of your closet.

You could buy shirtdresses, A-line dresses, floral dresses and slightly oversized dresses for example. Then accessorize with items such as heels, flats, belts at the waist, handbags, etc. to tailor the look for day, date night, work and more. Let’s not forget that athleisure is still trending, so why not take that look to the next level with sneakers or a hoodie?

Jumpsuits Work Also

Jumpsuits were off my radar until last Spring season when they came out in re-imagined fashion forward shapes. The jumpsuits for this Spring/Summer 2018 season are even more versatile. Show off your edgy, minimalist or chic style with one, and try this seasons trick of unexpectedly paring a jumpsuit with kitten heels.

Don’t Follow Trends

I’m sure you have heard this one before, but its true. Following trends limits your options. Don’t be afraid to mix prints, dress types and accessories.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you want to #DiscoverTheSecret you should take a look Vionic shoes. The shoes are made to be comfortable and supportive, while also being stylish. The shoes are on trend and not built to hurt your feet. They even have a 30 day wear test to mark their confidence in their shoe technology.

Be Confident

Your confidence will shine through in everything you do. Put on that outfit and own it.

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