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Why I Want to Get Fit

Why I want to get fit is something I realized I needed to consider. Sometime in 2017  I decided that I was “fat” and needed to drop 20 pounds.  I wanted to get back the body I had in my early twenties.

Then I realized I was being unrealistic about why I want to get fit. In my early twenties I had a young metabolism on my side and I had a highly active lifestyle. I was out more, involved in sports and  I would burn off calories from dancing with my friends in the club every night. Seriously, I would be dancing like a maniac for about 4 hours straight about 5 nights a week.

After yo-yo’ing with my weight and falling off the wagon due to many factors such as stress, schedule and lack of motivation I became super frustrated.  Once 2017 came to an end I began to reflect on the basic question everyone should ask themselves: Why do I want to get fit? I felt it would be pointless to keep going to the gym and not know why.

At first, I wanted to get fit for the wrong reasons. I gained a few pounds and felt bad, I looked through old pictures of myself and landed on a picture of myself when I was 21. I decided to go back to that same exact body, in a sense I was competing with the younger version of myself and that battle I lost(of course). I wanted to look like the younger Kory, not wanting to accept that I am now in the body that is no longer 21. Now due to adulting, my metabolism moves slower and the thought of a donut adds on 5 pounds.

More reflecting on why I wanted to get fit was needed. After some time realized that I don’t want to get fit to compete with others or to transform to the younger me which didn’t require any effort to be in shape. I want to get fit to feel more comfortable in my own body, to challenge myself and to live a longer, healthier life. Now that I am engaged I feel even stronger about my fitness journey. I want to be the sexy wife, the fit mom that can run after her children and not be out of breath.

I have now picked a realistic goal, a little over a two years ago I was in “perfect” shape. I had a very healthy ratio of lean muscle mass to fat, I had a healthy weight and I was eating clean. That is my focus now to get myself back to that point, a healthy REALISTIC balance. I’m not expecting this to be easy and I will still enjoy the finer foods in life, but all in moderation.

Now back to my #cheatmeal of Sriracha wings. Don’t worry I’m going to the gym tomorrow. Promise.


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