How to Slay the Superbowl Party

How to Slay the Superbowl Party

It’s Superbowl season, that wonderful time after the holidays and right before winters end. What’s a woman(or man) to do when that Superbowl party invite comes? Whether you are looking to snag a new bae or just want to be chill, here’s a few tips on how to slay the Superbowl party.

1) Decide if you want to go.
Let’s be real sometimes when adulting it takes too much energy to leave the house. You’d have to get off the couch, shower, put on pants etc.

2) Pick an outfit.
If you care about fashion the Superbowl party ‘fit is tricky. You want to look cool and casual but don’t want to appear overdressed. In addition with all the yummy snacks and hot wings that will be around, save that all white outfit for another day. Men your options are simple, pair a casual button up or a stylish henley shirt with a pair of trendy jeans and sneakers. Ladies, the same applies to you keep it casual with a cute top and your favorite jeans; leave the red bottoms at home. If you’re an actual football fan in real life and your team is in the Superbowl the go hard – wear your teams jersey. If you’re into makeup like me and want to rock a full face while still keeping it casual, check out my Superbowl makeup tutorial here.

3) Contribute.
People talk and who wants to be that person who comes, eats a whole tray of food and doesn’t bring anything to the party? Ask the host what you could bring, when in doubt bring cold beer, Doritos or hot wings. Everyone will appreciate it. Bonus points if you stay and help clean up afterwards.

4) Looking for Bae? 
Its hard being single out here these days, and in our busy lives who has the time to go out and meet real people? The Superbowl party is one way to meet some really cool people who you may be compatible with. So be nice, go ahead and chat up that girl or guy who is hanging out by the chips and guac. You never know.

5) Have Fun
I love the Superbowl. I’m a real life football fan and maybe an even bigger fan of Superbowl snacks. It’s a win-win for me to be around my friends, watch football and shove down sliders and hard apple cider. I’m sure you can have fun with it too.

What are your plans for the Superbowl this year?

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